Yoli and Otis tells us his process:

Herbal dyeing

The herbal dyeing process was developed through extensive research on the ancient dyeing methods practiced since the days of the Indus Valley civilization. Ayurvastra dyeing is famous for organic herbs that are integrated into a fabric. In this process, natural textiles are dyed with herbs such as turmeric, henna, aloe vera and indigo. In the whole process, no chemicals are used; Textiles are 100% safe and 100% chemical free.

To make bright and fast colors, only natural mordants such as myrobalan, rhubarb leaves, oils, minerals, alum and iron tub are used. We do not use heavy metal mordants such as copper, chromium, zinc or tin. Keep in mind that in some cases, the lack of chemicals can cause small runs of color, or fade in areas where the natural mordant has not been taken to 100% tissue.

By embracing this process instead of sacrificing it for a superficially perfect product, together we are making a difference in our environment and in the well-being of our children. For the above reasons, we recommend that you use detergents that do not harm the environment when you wash our items and keep them clean of strong chemicals or detergents, as they will eliminate color fastness.