Quiet Book, Toto's house

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Corazón de lana

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Toto is a rabbit made of sharp felt, so soft and tender! Lie him on his bed or take him out to play in the park. And at the end of a great day, why not a bathtub?

11 x 11 centimeters, 6 pages.

Create 100% cotton / felt details / sheep wool and alpaca / silk screen prints.

A Quiet Book is a book of activities and games made to develop fine motor skills and Stimulate sensory development in infants and children.

He is called "quiet" because children play in silence, spending a relaxed time. Each page proposes something to do: remove, put, button, knot, etc ... It is advised not to "help" the child to solve the challenge to which each activity invites, since learning is right there, in that little great achievement of doing so just ... and the experience of discovering that "can" is wonderful!

  • Stimulates sensory development
  • Exercise fine motor skills
  • Encourage imagination and play
  • Arouse curiosity and exploration of materials .

It's quite common for them to start creating stories and link the pages to each other, always discovering a new game in every corner of the book.